Friday, April 16, 2010

Lady Gaga and A Bunn

Y'ALL! I forget that I have a blog.

My sweet husband is THE MOST precious man. I marvel at his funniness sometimes, and I seriously do not even mean this in a mean way AT ALL. He is just funny.

I'm going to take you straight to the scene. He had just traveled from the previously-mentioned-impromptu-fishing-trip-at-Edisto-Beach straight to Spartanburg and back into the truck to Tennessee. NICE.

Naturally, as we are traveling Interstate 85 through Atlanta (ARGGGHHHH), we get caught in parking-lot-style-standstill traffic. AWESOME. I had taken over the radio/cd player earlier in the trip (duh), so I was at the helm as DJ. No sooner than I start scanning through ATL's plethora of radio waves, THE LADY came over...LADY GAGA, and not JUST Lady Gaga, but Beyonce too. Oh yes, Telephone.

Here I am just singin' along, and A Bunn (in his blue tint offshore fishing sunglasses) looks me straight in the Michael Kors sunglass lenses and says, and I quote... "Jess, I'm so glad we're married."

I sounds really sweet. What dear hubs was saying loud and clear, "Jess! I am SO glad we are MARRIED! and not just DATING! DAMN! Is this really how the women think?!?"

I have to say, I'm glad to be married to him, too. He's a cutie.

I guess I'm pretty lucky that I'm not trying to chase him down in the club, either :)