Tuesday, July 27, 2010

JBunn = Not the brightest crayon in the box

How in the world did I manage to "follow" my own blog, and how can I undo it?

If anyone can help, it will be greatly appreciated.


Friday, July 16, 2010

Another rambling about "the book"

Facebook again, ya'll. For real.

We all know it's hot outside. Unless you've been hiding in some sort of cave, you should know that it is summertime in the southeastern portion of the United States of America.

Having said that, let me tell you that it is NOT, and I repeat NOT necessary to take a photo of the digital thermometer in your vehicle and post it to Facebook.

120 degrees!? Holy crap. Drive your car around for a few minutes, fool. It's not really 120...your car has just been sitting in direct sunlight for a couple of hours.

Come on, people.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Anyone who knows me well (really well) knows that I have an affinity for the rap music. Please don't ask why, because I'm not really sure. I like to listen to naughty music when I run and work out. Something about the degrading lyrics, gun shot sound effects and basslines just get me feeling all motivated.

Earlier today, I popped my iPod buds into my ears. Needing an afternoon pick-me-up, I turned on my running playlist, which contains a plethora of randomness. The following quote is from a young lady named Kelis, and her song is entitled "Bossy."

You don't have to love me. You don't have to like me. But you WILL respect me.

Thank you ma'am, for that bit of inspiration and badass-ness. I most certainly feel like saying that to a few particular people on occassion. Maybe one day...

That's all for now. And if you're feeling bossy, go ahead and jam out below.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Our new addition

Nope, no baby announcement. No pictures of positive pregnancy tests to flaunt on Facebook (umm, yuck. No one wants to see that.)

We adopted a dog! I found Jack, formerly "Bobby" (another yuck), on Petfinder.com. I have wanted a shih tzu for so long and have been reluctant to buy from a breeder because the thought of puppy mills is quite disturbing. (I know that there are many reputable breeders out there, but there are a lot of dogs who need homes. I don't look down on anyone who buys from a breeder.)

Bobby--I mean Jack--was rescued from a puppy mill, where his job was to impregnate. Over sexed and underpaid--what a way to live! Anyway, the "rescue" facility was as frightening as most pictures I've seen of puppy mills. Dozens of dog crates stacked on top of one another, many of the larger pins containing 2-4 dogs -- crawling on top of one another, their little behinds wet from the soiled newspaper lining the crates. I couldn't wait to get out of there.

Anyway, Jack is a 2-year-old little guy who previously did not receive attention, interaction or socialization with other animals, despite living in close quarters with dozens of other creatures. He is very timid and easily frightened.

I was so excited to pick Jack up and bring him home. The car ride couldn't have gone better. I put Jack in his carrier and he rode shotgun all the way home, with me talking to him in funny voices. All was going well--until we arrived. I called Allen from the driveway to ask him to come outside and meet Jack. Because of Jack's scaredy-cat demeanor, I opened the carrier thinking he would just step out and sniff around for a minute.

Boy, was I wrong. For the next 30 minutes, Allen and I ran all over the neighborhood trying to catch Jack from his prison break. I was a mess. I have never seen Allen run at all--but he did his best to keep track of Jack. Finally, we caught up with Jack about 4 blocks from our house. Allen and I were able to corner him on a church playground and carry him home. Oy vey! Not a great start for the Bunn family.

This morning, I woke up around 6 to find Jack already awake and pacing around. He doesn't play with toys yet and the only thing he really seems to enjoy are the little dental chew sticks I bought (thanks for the suggestion, Kristin!) I was so nervous to give Jack a bath because I didn't want him to have another traumatic experience so soon after the first, so I was shocked that he was very calm and allowed me to bath and dry him!

Now, Jack is trotting around the house. He even wagged his tail for a split second. Hopefully, he will adjust soon! If anyone has advice to share on socializing an adult shelter dog, please share! He is going to the vet on Thursday for his shots and to be neutered and microchipped. After that, we'll start obedience lessons and go to doggy play time at the Humane Society, where we hope Jack will learn to trust people and other animals.

Even though we have started out on the wrong foot, I hope Jack will find his way into our little family. He sure is a cute little guy!

Side note: I decided before I met Bobby that I would change his name to Jack. That decision was solidified after chasing Jack around the neighborhood in a pair of Jack Rogers sandals. For anyone who owns a pair, you know that the heel markings are quite uncomfortable. I don't suggest anyone take a jog in her Jack Rogers sandals.