Tuesday, June 29, 2010

On Getting Older, Part 2

Exactly one week ago, I turned 26. I am completely at peace with this number; however, I have noticed a few things in the past week that made me think, “Wow! I feel older!" Cases in point:

1) My dear husband asked what I would like for my birthday. Without a thought, I made a list of around-the-house projects that are in dire need of completion. Goodbye, birthday presents! (For the record, he did take me out for an amazing birthday dinner.)

2) When my mother asked what I would like for my birthday, I replied “just come visit me in Spartanburg.” So she and Brian did visit! (With many gifts in tow…thanks, Mom!) I think once you reach a certain age, gifts-in-kind generate as much joy (maybe more) as an actual “gift.”

3) Hearing recent college grads complain about having to be at work at 8:30 a.m. makes me cringe. Seriously, children… get used to it. Stop complaining. You have a job...welcome to the rest of your life. You'll know "you've made it" when you start arriving at work at 6:45 or 7:00 a.m. just to have quiet time for concentration.

4) I have discovered that the, like, 18-22 age group, like, in general just, like, annoys me.

5) Last, but not least: I do not, for the life of me, understand this Twilight thing. Where to begin?
a) It’s basically Harlequin romance novel material – look no further than the local Piggly Wiggly for the story line. It’s there, and you can likely purchase your "stories" for $3.99 or less.
b) The previews are hysterical, and I don't think they are intended to be. Teenage vampires transforming into animal beasts?
c) I want to throw things at my TV when people interview Kristin Stewart. Her "I despise my fame" attitude is freaking pathetic. She could never work another day in her life and still be swimming in $$$ from the success of these pathetic love stories. Be gracious, dear. It may not last forever.

One day, dear Kristin may, like, get old...like, 26 or something.

Friday, June 4, 2010

A pro athelete with class?

Say it ain't so!

You all may have heard in the past few days about the little umpire whose call ruined a perfect baseball game. You know, the whole "bottom of the ninth, two strikes" scenario... and then BAM! The batter knocks one into the infield, where the ball was quickly scooped up and tossed to first base. The only problem was the umpire's call was just a moment too soon. The batter made it to base right after the ball was caught by the first baseman, but the umpire called "SAFE!"

Had I been the pitcher for the Detriot Tigers, I would have responded with a big 'ol "Oh no, you didn't!" However, this fella (I've never heard of him to be perfectly honest) Armanda Galarraga handled things with complete composure. What a guy!

Of course, the ump who made the cruddy call feels real bad. There were pictures plastered all over the morning news of his little red, tear-stained face. I felt genuinely bad for the guy. It was obvious he felt pretty bad too.

Moral of the story: We all make mistakes. We're all human. Being an expert doesn't equate to being perfect.

AND, the nice pitcher even received a consolation prize for being such a good sport!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fun Stuff

Okay, so I got to thinking about the last blog and it just felt like a little black cloud.

A couple of really great things happened today. First, I went to my Group Power class at 5:45 this morning for a wonderful workout after a weekend full of gluttony. The instructor is so hyper and upbeat. He makes everyone smile. Anyway, the class is a weight training class with a full-body workout set to different tracks. I could help but tap my feet when our shoulder track was none other than this classic.

This morning, I drove to work with the window down because the humidity had not yet set in. I was going about 60-ish down Union Street (just asking to get busted) when this song came on -- and I truly thought, "This scene would be so much more appropriate if I were driving a T-Top Camaro." Needless to say, when I arrived to work my hairstyle matched that of Sister Christian.

JBunn on Getting Older

Well, it's June and we all know what that means...it's my birthday MONTH! I have been thinking a lot about age lately, for many reasons, but probably because I am surrounded by so many milestones. Friends and family members are graduating from college, having babies, getting married, getting lower car insurance premiums, worrying about health insurance...and dying. (Not trying to be funny--this kind of stuff will really make a lady think).

Over the past couple of days, I have made a few observations. By now, you may have realized that lists of my observations are a cornerstone of my meanderings. Here goes.

1) Why, at the age of 25 3/4 years, is my skin worse than when I was 14?
2) When did it become necessary to simultaneously whiten, creme remove, pluck, shave and faux tan? Why can't I just be pretty?
3) Why do I feel the ever-presence of "frenemies"? Seriously, folks...frenemy behavior should have ended in high school. Do you ever get the feeling that someone only talks to you or is kind to you when they want something from you? That is a frenemy. I try to avoid these people, but it doesn't always work.
4) Just when you think you have become an adult and no longer have to answer to people, you get another set of people bossing you around?
5) When did news anchors become advocates? They are not supposed to be advocates; their job is to report the news. There is no such thing as "fair and balanced." THE END.

On the bright side, ny new job is much less stressful. The house is finally starting to look like a home. Hopefully, I will soon find a "balance" so that I can have cheerful and upbeat posts soon. :)