Monday, February 28, 2011

Another word on selling a house "by owner"

Dear potential buyers of my home,

I truly hate to inform you that "For Sale by Owner" means just that. It doesn't mean that I would like to allow you to rent-to-own my home (for it is not a recliner you can have delivered and subsequently repossessed for non-payment to the Rent-A-Center). It doesn't mean I would like to entrust you with the duty of making payments directly to my husband and me. I am not interested in becoming your landlord. "For Sale By Owner" means I would like for you to go to a bank, apply for a loan, get approved for the loan, and bring Allen and me a check at closing made out in the amount of about $135,000.

Jessica Bunn

1 comment:

  1. UGH! People are dumb. It won't be long! You will sell that pretty little house soon.